Watch Sharon Osbourne Explain Ozzy’s First Nft Collection, ‘Cryptobatz’

Watch SHARON OSBOURNE Explain OZZY's First NFT Collection, 'Cryptobatz'

Sharon osbourne shared a 1.5 minute video she explains about her husband Ozzyfirst foray into the crypto industry with the launch of Cryptobatz, a collection of 9,666 non-fungible tokens.

The collection is a nod to his infamous bat bite incident. January 20, 1982 Ozzy bit the head of a bat during a concert at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. He later claimed he believed it was a toy thrown at him by a member of the public.

Osbourne told Rolling Stone he decided to launch his own NFTs after Sharon dissuaded him from buying a bored monkey.

“I tried to participate in the NFT action for a while, so when I asked Sharon for a bored monkey for Christmas after several failed attempts to buy mine, and she said no, I decided to create my own “, Ozzy noted. “Cryptobatz is a fucking mental project for collectors and fans of NFT. The design pays homage to one of my most iconic moments on stage and is a chance to acquire a rare piece of art history. I love it!”

Cryptobatz comes with a twist: owners will be able to create new NFTs called “MutantBatz“by” mutating ” Cryptobatz with other collections.

To accompany the NFT collection, Ozzy will also launch “OldBatz“, which has been described as a worldwide” scavenger hunt “for the special Batz in the collection. Open only to existing people Cryptobatz holders, each AncientBat will have the ability to “bite” other NFTs up to 100 times, giving them increased powers to reproduce MutantBatz.

NFTs are a type of digital asset whose ownership is recorded on a digital ledger blockchain. Each NFT is unique and can be viewed as a collector’s item that cannot be duplicated, making them unique and potentially valuable. NFTs can represent digital files, such as art, audio, videos, posters, album covers, and other forms of creative work.

Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain, which means they are bought and sold using Ether, a major cryptocurrency.

Other notable heavy metal musicians who have dipped their toes into the NFT market include MEGADETH, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, NOOSE‘s Clown and Yngwie Malmsteen.


Ozzy Osbourne

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