Top 5 Reasons You Need a Dog Ramp for Your Fur Family

The reason why slopes will improve your dog’s life
What is the best dog ramp? Are stairs or ramps more suitable for my dog? These are common questions asked by pet owners, and we have the answers. During a dog’s life, the owner may consider investing in dog ramps for a variety of reasons.

Both stairs and ramps are used for dogs, and the ramp has greater flexibility. Not to mention, ramps are good for dogs as well as humans who own them. With these features in mind, here are the top five reasons why your fur family needs a dog ramp!

  1. Prevent injuries
    One of the most important reasons for having a dog ramp is to prevent accidental falls from causing injuries. Although it may seem perfectly fine for your dog to jump up and down on furniture, beds, or any place too high for them to walk in, it is not the case.

Imagine your dog friend jumping on the sofa with an unexpected pillow, remote control or other object blocking their path. Not only will they stop suddenly, but they may also slip off the surface, causing leg injuries, back injuries, or worse.

According to the VCA Hospital, the injury caused by a dog fall can be very serious, and some dogs may even break one or both legs in an accidental fall.

  1. Prevent IVDD
    Another important reason for using dog ramps is to prevent intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). This degenerative disease is debilitating and can severely affect your dog’s mobility. So, what is IVDD? It is described as a ruptured, slipped, raised, or herniated intervertebral disc.

At least 2% of dogs will suffer from IVDD, and small dogs including (but not limited to) American Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu and Dachshunds are more susceptible to this disease.

In dachshunds, the IVDD infection rate increased to 24%. Because of their elongated spines, they have an increased risk of intervertebral disc disease.

Although smaller dogs have a higher risk of this disease, dogs of all breeds and sizes suffer from IVDD.
Improve mobility issues
Although we want furry friends to live forever, we have limited time with them. Even with the best nutrition, dog’s vitamins and a good reason (such as elastic fish toys) to make them active every day, just like humans, they will begin to feel the soreness that comes with age.

Many elderly dogs experience stiffness and arthritis as they age. Dogs that used to be able to jump around on furniture without problems may start to have more trouble as they get older.

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By adding dog ramps, our furry friends can live a comfortable life as they enter the golden age. The dog ramp will keep them independent and free as usual.

In addition, ramps can improve the lives of dogs who may have birth defects or leg injuries. In situations where the dog can move but needs a little extra help, a dog ramp can help alleviate this inconvenience. The smooth transition from floor to furniture provides a comfortable experience even when mobility is an issue.

IVDD Survivor Story-Hannah and Louis

  1. Exercise
    Obesity in dogs is a very real health threat. According to a recent study, more than half of the dogs seen at Banfield Pet Hospital are obese. This veterinary hospital has more than 1,000 locations in the United States. With such high statistics, your quadruped partner is likely to bear the extra weight.

If a dog is 10% to 20% heavier than ideal weight, it is considered overweight. There are dog ramps that force the dogs to walk more, thereby increasing their physical exercise. Don’t lift your four-legged best friend, let them walk up the ramp to the sofa, bed, or other heights by themselves.

Although the extra effort to get where they want to go does not seem to be much, every bit of physical exertion helps when fighting obesity in dogs.

  1. Prevent back strain and injury of pet parents
    This may be surprising, but the dog ramp may also be beneficial to you (the owner). We are not aware of the extra wear and tear that we bring to our bodies in order to love pets. Although lifting your dog puts you at risk of injury, which may seem stupid, it is a real problem.

Over time, constant improvement (especially if the dog is larger) can strain your back. In addition, a wrong action may occur when lifting your canine friend and cause injury.

 A pulled muscle is painful and can lead to more injuries.

The Future of Dog Ramps

Whether you decide to get your fur family member a dog ramp or not, they’re here to stay. Share your thoughts and leave a comment!


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