Qatar Museums showcases country’s pearling history in New York – Doha News

The museums of Qatar organized a historical showcase of the Qatari artists’ project “Pearl of Wonder”.

Qatar Museums has successfully concluded its ‘Pearls of Wonder: a digital era’, an alluring digital art exhibition that has sailed through the history of the Pearl of Qatar by representing several projects from a selection of Qatari artists.

The exhibition took place in New York at the Lavan541 art space, from December 14 to 19, and was under the supervision of Qatar Museum’s curator of contemporary art, Dr Bahaa Abudaya. This exhibition was part of the Qatar-USA Cultural Year 2021 cultural exchange aimed at strengthening and expanding the cultural and traditional understanding of the two countries.

Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, Bubbles & Pearls Virtual Reality Experience, 2021

Five Qatari artists took part in the exhibition to present their informative and imaginative work, illustrating a time in history when Qatar was one of the largest pearl producers in the world. This era was important because it helped shape modern Qatar. The artists succeeded in taking foreign viewers on a journey to the days of the Gulf nation’s pearl production and illustrating the connection to the economic history and growth of the wider region.

Artists Maryam Al-Homaid, Alanoud Al-Buainain, Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, May Al-Mannai and Saida Al-Khulaif organized the exhibition through their different and distinctive works of art. All five are alumni of the Qatar Museums Fire Station, a contemporary art space that supports creatives through the Arts in Residence program.

Speaking about the program, Dr Abudaya said: “As the curator of our Artist-in-Residence program at the Fire Station, I have the great pleasure of working with young emerging Qatari artists as they discover their own voice through art and contribute to our burgeoning cultural landscape ”,

Maryam Al-Homaid, Singing Narratives Within the Deep Sea, Code-generated video, Photography, 2021

The works produced reflect different perceptions and views on how the history of the pearl has affected these young artists in a unique way and how it has shaped Qatari society in their perspectives.

The exhibit included “Bubbles & Pearls” by Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, a virtual reality project showing the beading process and its evolution in an interactive way so that the audience can experience the process and get a better idea of ​​the physical risks. incurred by pearl divers. He also presented the installation based on Maryam Al-Homaid’s projection to bring to life rediscovered archival photographs of a pearl diving process while showing moving effects that act like sea waves shaking them. pearl boats.

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