Omicron Hits Museums, Nightclub Celebrates Banksy—and More Art News –

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OMNICRON MAKES DISASTERS IN THE WORLD OF MUSEUMS, with a growing list of U.S. institutions temporarily shutting down due to staff shortages caused by Covid and security concerns, including the Wadsworth Athenaeum in Hartford, Connecticut, by the Hartford Courant, and the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, New York, by WGRZ. the Smithsonian is reducing visiting hours at most of its branches in Washington, DC and closing the National Air and Space Museum until January 17, Washington post reports. If it seems to you that a museum visit will not be on the agenda for you in the near future, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam may have what you need. He posted online a 717 gigapixel image of Rembrandt‘s Night watch (1642). According to Associated press, the museum presents it as “the most detailed photograph of all works of art”. If you like that sort of thing, hours of fun await you.

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THANKS THERE IS ALSO NEW NON-OMICRON MUSEUM. A fresco that Gold Faith Ring created for a women’s prison on Rikers Island should be transferred to the Brooklyn museum, the Art journal reports. In Los Angeles, the OMA-designed Audrey Irmas Pavilion was completed at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, and he understands GenSpace, a cultural space geared towards the elderly, the New York Times reports. And Eike Schmidt, the director of Offices Gallery in Florence, spoke with the Guardian about some of his activities that have made headlines in recent years including having the Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni appear in a Vogue Hong Kong photo shoot inside the museum. On Instagram, she posed with Botticelli ‘s The birth of Venus (1485-86). “It was a little provocative and we knew it would be,” Schmidt told the newspaper. “We had around 1,000 complaints but 8,000 more subscribers, so in the end it was a big win for us.”

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REAL ESTATE ACTION: An undeveloped 120-acre lot in Los Angeles’ tony neighborhood of Beverly Crest owned by the late collector and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sold for $ 65 million (lower than the original asking price of $ 150 million), the Los Angeles Times reports. Looks like you could build a pretty serious house on it! Also, actor, painter and once rumor National Foundation for the Arts presidential candidate Sylvester stallone sold his Beverly Hills home to the singer Adele for a little less, $ 58 million, the New York Post reports. It was also well below its request of $ 110 million.

The power of South Korean department stores Shinsegae purchased an almost five percent stake, valued at approximately $ 23.6 million, in Seoul Auctions. The two companies plan to collaborate on art sales initiatives, with a focus on NFTs and the Metaverse. [The Investor/The Korea Herald]

The fire that ravaged some parliamentary buildings in Cape Town over the weekend spared the nearly 4,000 works of art the legislature holds in its collection. A suspect was arrested and charged with arson and other crimes. [Bloomberg]

Alicia Cardenas placeholder image, a closely watched Mexican-American and Native American muralist, tattoo artist and activist in Denver, was killed in a shooting in the city last week that left six people dead, including the suspect. “Her tattoos speak to her eye for detail, with intricate stippling and linework, a Caravaggio-style understanding of depth in her grayscale, and a perfect use of symmetry and the application of geometry. sacred. ” Emilie ferguson writing. [Westword]

the Orange County Museum of Art in California operated Finn courtenay be its chief curator, and Meagan Burger its director of learning and engagement. Finn held the same title at Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, and Burger was Manager of Adult Learning at Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. OCMA plans to open a new $ 93 million home in October. [Los Angeles Times]

A Banksy-a themed nightclub opened last year in Mazatlán, Mexico. As you may have guessed, it is not allowed. Here is a glimpse of the interior. [The Art Newspaper]

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IN A MOVING AND CANDIDAL TRIAL in Art Forum, artist Allen Ruppersberg remembers the late big dealership in Los Angeles Margo Leavin, died in October at the age of 85. She was “feared and loved, courted and consulted, competitive and generous,” writes Ruppersberg. He remembers discussing his finances with her when he joined the gallery in the 1990s. “I was in debt and Margo saw that I had multiple credit cards: ten, to be exact. She said right away that no one should have that many credit cards and that if I was using them to produce work it had to stop. We would find another way to make things happen. What more could you ask for from your gallery owner? [Artforum]

CSCW) to Launch Brand New NFT Products, Combining Virtual and Physical Art

CSCW) to Launch Brand New NFT Products, Combining Virtual and Physical Art

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