Next-gen NFT platform introduces unique 3D protein molecule art on Solana, announces first minting in New Year

Motes Lab is a cutting edge NFT project that has developed a uniquely generated 3D protein molecule NFT art.

Ireland – December 31, 2021 – A visionary PhD in chemistry student recently launched the advanced 3D protein molecule NFT art on the Solana blockchain. Entitled “Motes Lab”, the platform comprises 10,000 innovative 3D models (called Motes) of protein molecules and vital drugs generated by the PyMOL algorithm. A Solana token governs the ownership of Motes art and is compatible with all Solana compatible NFT exchanges.

Motes Lab will have the first NFT mint on January 21, 2022. For now, the project is live on the Solana blockchain.

Of the 10,000 uniquely generated Motes collectibles, 5% were generated from drug molecules approved by the FDA and the EU. 90% of the collection includes protein molecules. The remaining 5% of 3D animated molecular modules have been reserved for community members.

“As a doctor of chemistry. student, I have always been fascinated by molecular structure. The structure of the organic molecule is very complex, but when you draw the 3d model of the molecule, it just becomes a beautiful art. I thought it would be a very cool NFT. In addition, most of the members of the NFT community are young, which could increase their interest in science. Thus, Motes Lab was born, ”said the visionary founder of Motes Lab.

According to the statements of the founder, the striking of Motes will take place in 3 stages. The first phase (which is scheduled for January 2022) is called Motes Pharma Lab. It includes 505 uniquely generated Pharma NFT 3D art and saved in the Solana blockchain.

“The MPL phase is just the start; we just planted a sapling that will grow taller into a large tree as our community grows. We aspire to build a large and active ML community in the near future. ”

Speaking on it, the founder of Motes Lab stressed that he is focused on developing an NFT project fit for purpose.

“NFT is emerging as a crucial investment vehicle and therefore it is important to have a strong focus for NFT projects. There are a multitude of possibilities for the NFT project to evolve, from a new one-stop-shop integrated NFT marketplace to multiple blockchains to metaverse and games. At Motes Lab, we look forward to exploring all of these possibilities with our Motes Lab community. All upcoming projects from our NFT platform will be owned by members of our community.

The second phase or major release, Motes Protein Shake, will release 9,000 uniquely generated 3D protein NFT artworks. Motes Lab will be holding a long series of giveaways during the MPS phase as a reward for Motes Lab NFT holders. Up to 20% ($ 200k) of the entire fund will go to community supporters and long-term holders. The organization also plans to redistribute about 50 percent of the profits as a loyalty program to the most engaged members of the community.

The third phase or closing phase, Motes Animated Lab, will release 495 uniquely generated 3D animated molecular models of chemistry and NFT art. These NFTs will be free for the best members of the community.

Motes Lab is also an environmentally conscious NFT platform which aims to positively contribute to the protection of the planet. The platform has reserved 20 NFTs for auction during climate change fundraising campaigns.

“Our future plan is to build a next-generation NFT niche on Metaverse and blockchain. As a scientific community, we aspire to introduce blockchain-based peer-reviewed journals as well as web portals that will be owned by NFT holders. In this way, 50% of all future income will be redistributed to NFT holders only each month. ”

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