Konami celebrates Castlevania’s 35th anniversary with an NFT collection • Eurogamer.net

Castlevania’s 35th anniversary will be marked with the launch of the “Konami Memorial NFT Collection”, which is exactly how it sounds.

The artwork, music videos, and music tracks will be sold as NFTs on the OpenSea auction site next week, starting January 12, using the controversial Ethereum currency.

These digital elements include new pixel art and familiar music tracks, as well as weird clips from the series’ “flagship movies”. Each also includes “unlockable content” that “can only be unlocked and revealed by the owner” of the NFT.

Konami also makes video games.

Initial buyers of each NFT will also have “the right to display your nickname on our website,” Konami says, as a bonus.

I right clicked and saved one of these NFTs below. But don’t worry, dear reader, that doesn’t mean I paid for it!

It could have been given as a nice wallpaper.

Konami’s press release on the range notes that it also celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania series with the launch of the Castlevania Advance Collection last September.

Beyond that, and beyond the NFTs, what is the future of Castlevania? Konami had this to say today:

“As we look to the future of the Castlevania series, we will continue to support titles currently available, while evaluating new opportunities for titles that will meet and exceed player expectations. “

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