How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House? Top 12 Methods

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House?

How to stop a yorkie from peeing in the house

In my frustration, I frantically searched up the whole internet to find an answer to this one question – How to Stop a Yorkie From Peeing in the House

I adopted a cute tiny Yorkie a few weeks back and I was soon so irritated by his bathroom habits. Almost all my carpets and rugs were ruined. I was on the verge of giving up on him when I found my answer to the looming question of How to Stop a Yorkie From Peeing in the House. 

I consulted a professional who gave me the answers to my questions and here I am going to share them with you so that your stress is also relieved. Let’s look in detail at what he told me.

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House? Top 12 Methods

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House?

1. Train Them for Outdoor Potty and Peeing Training

You need to train your Yorkie for outdoor potty and peeing sessions. This includes going for regular walks and taking them out for bathroom breaks consistently. 

You can use one word as a command to tell them which place is okay for him to go to the bathroom. He will soon learn the command as well as get the hang of his bathroom schedule. 

2. Create a Schedule to Walk Your Yorkie Outside Daily 

Take your Yorkie for walks daily because he needs a little bit of exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. 

A healthy puppy will catch on to commands faster, and he won’t be lethargic either. 

3. Make It a Routine to Take Your Yorkie Outside Before Sleeptime and After He Wakes up

Your Yorkie needs to go outside right after waking up and right before sleeping. 

Make sure that you make this a routine and your pet friend knows that you will take him out at these two times so he will not pee or poop anywhere else. 

Also, between these two times, take your puppy out for toilet breaks 3-4 times according to your own judgment. 

4. Reward Your Yorkie Whenever He Goes to Pee Outside

Positive reinforcement techniques are an excellent way of appreciating and motivating your Yorkie. 

Whenever your Yorkie goes outside to pee or shows proper peeing and potty behaviors, reward him with a treat. Give him a specific tasty treat only when he shows desired potty behaviors so that he will be consistent in it in order to earn that treat. 

5. Firmly Say “NO” if Your Yorkie Pees Inside Your House

Whenever an accident occurs, you should firmly say “NO” so that your four-legged friend knows that this is unacceptable behavior and you won’t tolerate it. 

Do it immediately when you see your dog peeing or pooping inside the house because if you do it later, he won’t understand what you are talking about. 

Never be violent when such an accident occurs! 

6. Crate Training Is an Effective Technique

Crate training can be very effective when you are trying to house train your terrier. 

Yorkies don’t want to dirty the place where they eat, sleep or play. So if you keep your Yorkie in a crate, it won’t urinate there. 

When you open the door, take him out immediately so that he does not have the time to stop and pee anywhere along the way. 

7. Clean Your House Thoroughly to Remove Any Odour of Pee That Can Attract the Yorkie

After an accident has occurred, cleaning your house thoroughly is very important. Make sure to remove the odor of pee completely. 

Even the slightest smell can attract your Yorkie to the same place and he will pee there again because the smell will make him think that this place is an acceptable location for him to urinate. 

8. Be Patient and Consistent With Your Yorkie

Potty training a Yorkie is not a very easy task and a dog owner needs to be patient and consistent with his or her pet. 

Consistency is important because your terrier needs to have a fixed schedule of his peeing breaks. If you take him out at different times every day, he will never be sure and might pee and poop inside the house itself. 

Don’t lose patience or give up on your Yorkie yet! They are intelligent dogs and will learn what you are trying to teach them in some time. 

9. Don’t Yell 

Your reaction to accidents also matters a lot. You need to keep your calm and stay cool when your puppy has such an accident.

Yelling or abusing will only have adverse impacts on your puppy. After all, they are small and can only control the urine pressure for a small amount of time. Even fully trained dogs can meet such accidents on rare occasions. 

Also, there can be some serious reason behind why this is happening so instead of losing your calm, try and find what is wrong with your terrier. 

10. Seek for Professional Help

If the situation persists even after applying all housebreaking techniques and trying everything possible that you could, seek professional help. 

You can make your Yorkie have sessions with a professional trainer who will teach him what is acceptable and what is not and how to behave in such situations. 

11. Use Repellent Products

Another way through which you can stop your pet friend from peeing in the house is by using repellent products. 

These can be sprayed on sofas, walls, and in areas where your Yorkie has urinated before. This will repel him for peeing at these places. 

12. Provide Proper Attention and Affection

As a pet owner, you need to give proper attention and affection to your Yorkie. 

Keep him around you, spend quality time with him, take him for walks. This will ensure that your puppy is mentally happy and satisfied. 

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