Great games: The biggest titles coming your way this year

‘House of the Dragon’

OK, so “Game of Thrones” ended with a whimper, rather than a bang, but HBO’s prequel series still has a lot of people having fun and will likely dominate TV discussions again this year. The show takes place 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones” and tells the story of the House Targaryen dynasty – you know, those whose reign ultimately ended with a mad king. Oh, and those who were able to command dragons. The excellent Paddy Considine will play King Viserys, who is described as a “warm, kind and decent man,” on the show’s site, who then warns, “but, as we learned from” Game of Thrones ” , good men don’t necessarily make great kings.

‘The Lord of the Rings’

Amazon will be the main challenger to “House of the Dragon” for the title of this year’s most epic show. Despite the name, the show’s creators don’t (wisely) rehash the ground covered by Peter Jackson’s incredible early 2000s film trilogy. Instead, it will cover JRR’s Second Age of Middle-earth. Tolkien, before the events of the films, just as the evil that will dominate these stories emerges. With Amazon making a five-series pledge worth at least $ 1 billion, this will be the most expensive series ever made.

“After life”

Ricky Gervais’ bittersweet dramatic comedy returns for a third and final season this week on Netflix. The show – in which Gervais plays Tony, a middle-aged reporter at his local newspaper struggling to cope with life without his late beloved wife – is the best work of its creators since “Extras.” Sometimes very funny, often upsetting, it’s a show with a lot of heart and a great ensemble cast.

‘You better call Saul’

When this spin-off of “Breaking Bad” – which focuses on the life of crooked lawyer Saul Goodman / Jimmy McGill before the events of this series – first aired, few would have expected that it ends up being as acclaimed as its much-loved parenting show. . But, heading into its sixth and final season, “Better Call Saul” has exceeded all expectations in every way – the writing, acting, directing, and cinematography are still excellent. Bob Odenkirk is spellbinding as the main character, digging beneath the shady exterior to reveal a man you can’t help but root for, even when he’s at his worst.

‘Peaky Blinders’

This period crime drama, set in the aftermath of World War I, will also end this year with its sixth season following the exploits of the titular organized crime gang in Birmingham, England. Gang boss Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) will face the threat of the rising fascist movement in the UK and the series would pick up directly from the final scene of season five, which saw Tommy putting a gun to his chest. clean head and scream.

‘The crown’

Netflix’s dramatization of British Queen Elizabeth II’s reign enters its fifth season, and it’s time for another lead actress change as we head into the ’90s. It’s Imelda Staunton’s turn. play the Queen, and the ever-excellent Leslie Manville will replace Helena Bonham-Carter as Princess Margaret, while Princess Diana will be played by Elizabeth Debicki.

‘Kill Eve’

Following the runaway success of its first season, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s story of a psychopathic murderous woman (Jodie Comer in the title role) and her love-hate / kill / obsession relationship with the British intelligence investigator chasing her (played by Sandra Oh) lost some momentum on her second outing. Hopefully the fourth and final season, slated for release in late February, will be a return to the dizzying heights of the first.

“Stranger things”

The fourth season of the hugely successful ’80s-themed sci-fi horror series will see the teenage gang reunite in the small town of Hawkins during spring break following the move. Eleven in California with the Byers family. Not much else has been revealed on season four yet, but we do know, luckily, that Police Chief Jim Hopper will be returning, though others believe he is dead.


Donald Glover’s superbly inventive comedy-drama about music director Earnest Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) is back for a third season, which we believe will be (it’s hard to be certain of anything with this show), see the couple – along with Paper Boi’s eccentric best friend Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) – travel to Europe for the tour they were about to take at the end of the third season. Adding a fishy element out of the water to this already often surreal spectacle should make the viewing irresistible.


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