Foster + Partners announces opening of Datong Art Museum

Foster + Partners announced the opening of the Datong Art Museum, a new cultural destination in China. The institution kicked off with a special exhibition featuring oil paintings by local artists.

Designed by Foster + Partners, the UK’s largest architectural firm, the building itself is a series of interconnected pyramids. The gallery spaces are below and surrounded by landscaped squares.

Datong Art Museum also houses various spaces dedicated to education and learning. These include a children’s gallery, archives and art storage facilities. Outdoor shows will be presented in an amphitheater.

In addition, an educational center and a media library complete the museum’s educational program. There are also facilities to support artist residencies, discussions and conferences.

“The museum is designed as a social hub for people, an ‘urban living room’ for Datong, which brings people, art and artists together in a space where they can interact,” said Luc Renard, studio manager at Foster + Partners.

New “urban lounge” for Datong

datong art museum china

“At the heart of the museum, the Grand Gallery exemplifies this spirit with a flexible, large-scale exhibition space designed to accommodate specially commissioned large-scale works of art as well as artistic performances and other events.”

Visitors enter the museum via winding ramps that lead them to a plaza below. Drive the building into the ground reduces energy needs, said Foster + Partners. The roof is covered with Naturally oxidized curved steel plates that help drain water.

The building’s four interconnected roof pyramids rise in height and expand outward, with light filling the interior through skylights at the top of each pyramid.

“Designed for the future, we hope the museum will become the center of the city’s cultural life – a vibrant public destination,” Fox added.

In November, Hong Kong M + Museum open to the public in the West Kowloon Cultural District. M + is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to modern and contemporary visual culture.

Pictures: Home + Partners

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