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Art is a great way to communicate with society because it engages the audience in a visual dialogue. Despite the gender disparity in the art world, several artists from Bengaluru have fought, undeterred by discrimination, by reclaiming space on the streets, in galleries and in digital spaces.
Chhaya Joshi, the founder of “Chhapac”, an art and design company, sees her sole proprietorship sail to new heights with a unique and diverse approach. Along the way, she also took with her a lot of budding talents.
“Chhapac, it is art and design that make the difference in experiences and have an impact on life. We work on projects related to human-centric designs, brand identity creation, interactive 3D murals, art parties, custom artwork for luxury interiors, to festivals and campaigns for mental health through art, ”says the 23-year-old design thinker. “When we undertake a project, there is always an element of risk, whether financial or artistic. But I think it’s the confidence that gets you through this, ”she says.
“I think if I plan it well in advance, I can’t ruin everything. Even if I’m wrong, I know how to fix it, ”she jokes.
Chhapac claims to be the only group of Indian artists invited by IIT-B three times in a row for their international street art festival, where they have produced interactive 3D paintings. Chhapac also succeeded in creating a calming experience by creating a Geisha mural for the stage of IKIGAI, an Asian restaurant on MG Road, Bangalore. It continues to be highly regarded and has led to many opportunities to travel for other such creations.
She is currently working with The Indian Art Revolution, a startup that aims to revolutionize the art industry in India and open up the market to a global audience using NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and blockchain-based technology. on the crypto-economic system. A revolution that aims to empower artists in new and innovative ways.
Last year, Chhaya partnered with a global youth organization to organize virtual art parties to promote mental health, collaborated with a Bengaluru-based company to engage citizens in art workshops during closures, among others.
“My goal for 2022 is to create a stable setup for the business, because right now I’m doing it on my own,” Chhaya said.
Shilo Shiv Suleman is a popular name in contemporary art circles, especially for his graffiti and installation work. In her own words, her work unabashedly embodies the sensual and the sacred, the past and the future, through paintings, portable sculptures, interactive installations and public art interventions. His collaborations with a neuroscientist on creating art that interacts with brain waves and other biofeedback sensors have earned him several grants, including the installation of Honoraria – Pulse & Bloom at the Burning Man event at Black Rock. Desert in Nevada, United States.
“My mother Nilofer Suleman is a well-known artist, so art is something that is both my heritage and a choice I make every morning. I started painting when I was 13, published books at 18, and had a TED talk with a million views at age 21, ”says Shilo. The 32-year-old is also the founder of Fearless Collective, which raises awareness through art of gender issues and social ills, working with women around the world. “When the Nirbhaya affair happened in 2012, I decided to spend time on many issues faced by women in India through Fearless Collective. All my work in India and outside India, even my work with technology, always comes from the protection of the feminine, ”she adds.
Currently, Shilo is working on a project with a company that will lead to many NFT shows and outings in Japan. She is also working on a series of paintings and sculptures for the India Art Fair in New Delhi this year. “I think it is very important that more women reclaim public spaces and it is encouraging that many are doing this,” adds Shilo.
Claiming spaces: Chhapac’s Geisha fresco at IKIGAI, an Asian restaurant on MG Road, Bangalore



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