Create Your First NFT for Just $20

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By this point, you’ve probably heard of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Since the digital artwork “CryptoPunk # 7523” was auctioned for $ 11 million, the NFT industry has grown rapidly and entered the mainstream. The market has appreciated by over 50,000% in two years as cryptocurrency investors pour money into this new blockchain application.


The NFT trend is not going anywhere, so you might as well join it. In How to Create Your First NFT: A Beginner’s Guide, you will learn how to get involved. It’s on sale for just $ 19.99 (reg. $ 199).

NFTs are digital assets with unique identifiers that have been used in a number of fields, from collectibles to works of art and more. Basically, NFTs serve as proof that a digital asset is one of a kind. Over the past year or so, they’ve become virtually an economy in their own right, with people paying absurd sums for images of pixelated monkeys in one of the strangest developments on the internet in recent years.

This quick course is taught by entrepreneur Benji Wilson (instructor rating 4.5 / 5). Wilson is an Australian entrepreneur who has developed many innovative marketing strategies across all platforms and has worked with NFTs from the start.

In this course, Wilson teaches you an artist’s approach to NFTs. You will learn what NFTs are and what NFT projects or tasks can do, as well as understand why artists need NFTs to register and own art in an open digital marketplace. You will learn how to create an NFT from scratch and use it to create your work of art just like yours. Additionally, Wilson will show you how to view your token and crypto wallet and possibly list your works securely in a digital marketplace.

Familiarize yourself with NFTs. Right now, you can get How to Make Your First NFT: A Beginner’s Guide for just $ 19.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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