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    Blind Dog Clings To The First Person She Meets At The Shelter

    When a dog is surrendered at an animal shelter, there’s always a deep sense of disconnection. No longer someone’s pet. Unplugged from everything she thought she knew in life. Maybe that’s why Muneca was so eager to make a connection when she arrived at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles. Especially since […] More

  • Crypto group shamed for spending $3m on ‘Dune’ book, mistakenly believing it had acquired copyright to produce NFTs

    16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Dachshunds

    Dachshunds can be also called Doxie dogs, Wiener dogs, sausage dogs… They are special because they have long bodies and they are very funny and active. They look weird and they act weirdly. Below is list of 16 reasons you should not own a dachshund in your house. 1. Dachshund puppies are just terrifying… 2. These dogs just […] More

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    5 Problems Only Yorkshire Terrier Owners Will Understand

    1. You can never eat dinner without a pair of watching eyes on the side. 2. Just when you think they’ve grown out of the puppy stage, this happens: 3. Their wonderfully weird sleeping positions never cease to amaze you: 4. You can never say ‘no’ to those eyes. They’ll melt the hardest of hearts. 5. Your bed is no […] More