MONTREAL, January 14, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – The parties are pleased to announce that they have reached a settlement.

In the fall of 2019, having been made aware of serious allegations concerning the deterioration of the work environment, the Board of Directors of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts retained the services of an independent and specialized firm to analyze the situation. Although the report produced by this firm makes several recommendations relating to the working climate, Ms. Bondil is not personally the subject of any allegation of harassment contained in the complaint and, like the Board of Directors of the Museum, wishes see the situation resolved.

As part of the process of implementing the report’s recommendations, the Museum’s Board of Trustees ultimately decided to terminate Ms. Bondil’s contract. Although the Board disagreed with Ms. Bondil’s approach to managing this situation, the Museum’s Board of Trustees did not otherwise question her professionalism or her deep and sincere commitment to the Museum.

The Museum’s Board of Directors notes that during this period, which coincided with the management of the pandemic crisis, Ms. Bondil worked tirelessly to protect the institution and the jobs of its employees.

The Museum thanks Ms. Bondil for the important artistic productions that she and the remarkable teams that she led during the many years that she devoted to the Museum have achieved, including the significant development of the collections, the international influence of the exhibitions , the enlargements of the Quebec and canadian Arts Pavilion in 2011, the Pavillon de la Paix in 2016 and the Tout-Monde wing in 2019, as well as the exceptional development of educational, social, inclusive and therapeutic activities. The Museum is convinced that art lovers will continue to benefit from Ms. Bondil’s talents, particularly through the Arab World Institute, in Paris.

Ms. Bondil, deeply committed to Montrealers, thanks the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and all of its teams, the City of Montreal, Quebec and Canada for their support for so many years: “Although I have been deeply hurt, I know that it has also been difficult for all parties involved and in particular for the employees of the Museum. I wish the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts only success in the future: Thank you for all these extraordinary years.”

*** Please note that the parties will not make any further comments or grant interviews.

SOURCE Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


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