A Crypto Whale Is Paying NFT Skeptics $10,000 to Try Ethereum

Key points to remember

  • Cobie offered several Twitter users $ 10,000 to start using Ethereum after criticizing NFTs in a thread he wrote about using the technology in games.
  • While one of the reviewers declined the offer, another accepted and purchased an NFT on OpenSea.
  • NFTs have sparked controversy in the games and arts industries over the past year, posing challenges for businesses and creators looking to enter the space.

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Cobie takes a new approach to getting NFT skeptics to embrace the technology, with mixed results.

NFT Skeptic paid $ 10,000 to buy NFT on Ethereum

One of the most prolific crypto traders is offering to pay some of tech’s loudest detractors to start using Ethereum.

Jordan Fish, which operates under the pseudonym Cobie and was recently selected as one of Crypto Briefing’s Best Heroes of the Year for 2021, offered $ 10,000 to several Twitter users after expressing anti-crypto sentiments in response to a storm of tweets he posted this weekend.

Cobie co-hosts the popular crypto podcast Up to only. He is also known to have built a large portfolio of Ethereum and other digital assets over the course of several years in space. In a discussion thread on Saturday, he discussed the backlash NFT technology has received from the gaming community in recent months.

“The outrage of players at the inclusion of NFTs is an unintentional astronomical vote against personal interests,” he said. wrote. “Why wouldn’t a player want to own their own progress and achievements in the game?” It only seems beneficial for users to own these items personally, rather than the game company retaining ownership. ”

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, could be disruptive in the gaming industry as they create a way for players to have ownership of their in-game assets. While many large companies have sought to embrace NFTs as they have gained ground over the past year, technology has divided gamers and game companies. In October, Steam, the world’s largest games company, banned crypto games and NFTs from its platform. Last month, meanwhile, Ubisoft continued its plan to offer NFTs through its Ubisoft Quartz system despite an intense decline in its users.

Several users responded to Cobie’s thread to question the value of NFTs over the weekend. Many have also argued that the environmental damage caused by blockchains like Ethereum outweighs any potential benefit. As Ethereum currently uses a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, countless critics have mistaken NFTs for environmental concerns as they have entered the mainstream consciousness in recent months. Cobie returned to one of the respondents to offer them $ 10,000 for listening to his arguments. “If you have an Ethereum address, I will send you $ 10,000 to greet you,” he wrote. “I don’t have and I don’t intend to get an Etherium wallet, but thank you. I’m going to cut this thread now, get a good one ”, they responded.

Later, another user by the name of EFillae replied to the thread to criticize Cobie. “Why doesn’t make it a 1/100 make it cool. As we understood, you are a crypto brother and you’ve never heard of CS: GO, we get it. Now fuck you “they wrote. Cobie then offered them $ 10,000 to create an Ethereum address and purchase an NFT. EFillae conceded by creating an Ethereum address, which led to Cobie sending 0.27 ETH to cover the cost of the NFT. Once they provided proof that they had purchased an item from OpenSea, he sent them an additional 2.66 ETH valued at $ 10,048 and transferred the rights to an ENS domain name. Transactions can be viewed in EFillae’s portfolio via Etherscan.

Cobie isn’t the first crypto supporter to offer to pay NFT skeptics to start using Ethereum. In November, NFT collector Vincent Van Dough performed an elaborate prank involving NFT cynics in the furry community using their work to create a symbolic Pepe the Frog collage. They then offered the performers featured in the play $ 5,000 to strike their own token following a backlash. Neither of them accepted Vincent Van Dough’s offer.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this feature owned ETH, ENS, and several other cryptocurrencies.

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