3 embroidery artists weave NFT charity drop to help victims of human trafficking By Cointelegraph

Three embroiderers – Russia’s Katerina Marchenko, Brazilian Aline Brant and Finland’s Ninni Luhtasaari – announced Thursday that they will auction their non-fungible token (NFT) art pieces to support Hope for the Future (HFTF), a registered charity based in Austria. The proceeds from the auction will help victims of human trafficking find entry-level jobs after their distressing experiences.

Katerina Marchenko embroidering. Source: Katerina Marchenko

the The NFT sale will take place on Orica between December 27 and 30, with each coin having a floor price of $ 500. The goal of the auction is to raise $ 10,000 for the employment program.

“Work 6.” Source: Aline Brant
“Hug me tight.” Source: Ninni Luhtasaari