2x Emmy Award Animator Mark Watts Recreates Historic NFT In Collaboration with the Gutter Cat Gang | News

NEW YORK, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Host Mark Watts and The Gutter Cat Gang, a hugely popular top-notch NFT project, recently collaborated to recreate a one-of-a-kind NFT. The NFT is titled “The Kru,” and digital art creatively portrays all species of the Gutter Cat Gang. The group includes Gutter Cat, Gutter Pigeon, Gutter Rat and Gutter Dog. This revolutionary NFT is currently available for sale on OpenSea.

The creative genius of Mark Watts is well known. Watts won two Emmy Awards for his role as the layout and storyboard artist of The Simpsons. His skills were further etched into the animation world with his involvement in The Goode Family and King of the Hill. With his artistic take and the allure of The Gutter Cat Gang, people will surely remember this NFT drop for years to come.

“It takes me back to my first day working with The Simpsons – wide-eyed, very excited and in awe of the many great artists and works,” Watts shared.

Electric Token LLC, led by David Abellard, Jr., and Jacob York, was the entity related to Grant flannery who introduced Watts to the creators of The Gutter Cat Gang. Since Watts and Electric Token have been working together, he has created several collaborative NFTs with The Gutter Cat Gang. Some of the digital works of art produced include “Hairball, Jon Paw”, “Spitball”, “Blitz Barker” and “Rat Trick”. All of these collaborative NFTs are Watts’ take on The Gutter Cat Gang species.

“It was an honor to work with Mark Watts and The Gutter Cat Gang to let the NFT community know about their incredible contribution to The Simpsons, ”shared the Electric Token LLC team.

On Mark Watts

Mark Watts is an internationally renowned animator who has won two Emmy awards. Watts studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, with famous alumni such as Michael bay, Irvin Kershner, and Zack Snyder. While working with Film Roman in Angels, Watts has worked with comedian Sinbad and many other prominent personalities and teams. Today Watts focuses on independent and independent projects. He is represented by FanFavz. In addition, Electic Token has signed a partnership agreement with FanFavz for future NFT projects with Mark Watts engaging their relationship over the long term.

About the alley cat gang

The Gutter Cat Gang is a recently released NFT project that features thousands of digital artwork. The NFT project includes species such as the alley cat, alley dog, alley pigeon and alley rat. Beyond art, The Gutter Cat Gang has created a community. In this community, different NFTs give access to exclusive advantages to members.

About Electric Token LLC

Electric Token LLC is a Floridaminority-owned technology company. David Abellard and Jacob York steer this innovative entity. Between the two co-founders lie decades of expertise in entertainment and music management. This experience and years of experience in successfully launching blockchain / NFT projects make this company a pioneer in its own right.

About FanFavz

FanFavz is a global social networking platform that allows fans to engage with their favorite athlete, artist, celebrity, via live video, as well as purchase their personalized NFTs and memorabilia.

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