20 Amazing Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are a small dog breed that originate from England. These tiny dogs have earned themselves a rather mixed reputation. On the one hand they are considered one of the cutest and most lovable breeds of dog. On the other hand, they have a reputation for being yappy and snappy. However, this is an interesting dog breed that has become hugely popular around the world. They are fantastic pets as they have some fantastic personality traits, such as intelligence, loyalty, independence, and affection. Many people also show this breed in competitive events around the world. Despite being a well-known breed, there are probably many things that you do not know about this breed of dog. Here are 20 cool facts about Yorkshire Terriers.

1. They Originate from Yorkshire in the 19th Century

Yorkshire Terriers have an interesting history. They were first bred in the county of Yorkshire in England in the mid-19th century. When workers from Scotland came to work in Yorkshire, they brought with them several varieties of small terriers. Details of how the dogs brought to Scotland led to the breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier are vague. It is simply known that they were originally bred by workers in the cotton and woollen mills. A quote by Mrs A. Foster from 1886 explains that reliable breeding information was not kept as the men working in the mills at that time were not well educated and did not have the capacity to record these details accurately.

2. They Were Bred from Three Dogs

One piece of information that is known is that the Yorkshire Terrier is a breed that was created from three different dogs. The first of these was a male called Old Crab. The second was a female called Kitty. The third was a female dog whose name is unknown. During the early stages of breeding, it is believed that the Paisley Terrier and the Maltese were used. While they were bred using terriers from Scotland, they are called Yorkshire Terriers to reflect the area in which this breed was improved. They are now commonly referred to as Yorkies. Originally, the Yorkshire Terrier varied greatly in appearance, but these differences have now been ironed out through breeding. At one point, almost any terrier type dog with a long coat and coat colorings of blue, silver, and tan was referred to as being a Yorkshire Terrier.


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